Where can I post a bug report?

Please post bug reports in this Github repository.

What about Mac and Linux?

Crossrunner is currently in Beta for Windows, and in Alpha for Linux. A MacOS Alpha is coming soon.

Crossrunner does not work under WINE or Crossover. The Windows ARM64 version works well on Apple Silicon machines under Parallels.

Isn't (insert emulator here) also cycle accurate?


KEGS, GSport, GSplus and Sweet 16 all emulate at an instruction level rather than a cycle level. MAME emulates at a cycle level, but is not sub-cycle accurate.

The Apple IIGS has variable cycle stretching.

In addition to this, most other emulators only provide a high-level approximately of ADB on the Apple IIGS. ADB is a whole separate subsystem with its only dedicatedf 6502 compatible processor, RAM, ROM and bus timings. Crossrunner fully emulates the M50740/50741 and bus interfaces.

Real hardware

MAME 0.251

Crossrunner 1.0

What are the system requirements?

Crossrunner runs on Windows 7, Windows 10 or Windows 11.

If you have a current generation CPU you should get an emulated system running at 100 MHz in Unlimited mode.

This emulated performance will be significantly lower than a KEGS-based emulator, due to the different level of emulation being performed. If you require maximum emulated speed it is recommended that you choose KEGS as your emulator.

Is this completely free?


You can donate via Ko-Fi if you want to, but there is no obligation.

What disk formats are supported?

Crossrunner supports all popular Apple II disk formats. This includes: